Hope…A Discussion


Today, my husband and I had a brief discussion via text concerning hope. His comment spoke volumes, yet I feel I must disagree- “Hope is not a technique.”. It is one of the very basic things that a human can do, and it crosses all lines of race, creed, color…you name it. Every group of people has hopes and dreams. Sometimes they are simple ones- “I hope that it doesn’t rain today.” Or larger ones…”It is our hope that someday Iraq will be a truly peaceful nation, free from violence.”. Hopes and dreams fill the creative minds, where facts and figures fill the logical minds. It’s what separates the linear thinkers from the rest of us. Sometimes you cannot simply draw a straight line between objects. There are twists and turns along the way…and the same is true in life. So keep on hoping and dreaming. “It is right and so to do.”

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