American Idol Bound? Here Are Some Handy Tips!


Yet another season of American Idol has begun, sans Simon. It feels strange not to see his wide eyed stare at the end of the table, ready to tell people that they sound like they are singing in a cabaret, or accusing some poor kid of having the worst voice that he has ever heard.

I was uncertain if I would continue watching this season, but found myself looking forward to it. I happen to have some tips and/or observations for those that are considering auditioning next year:

A) Please don’t just take your mom or dad’s word that you have a great voice. Try singing for a stranger. If they run away weeping loudly, chances are you are not cut out for the program.

B) If you do happen to try out and get rejected, it will not be the end of the world. It just means that you sound like fingernails on a chalk board, and you should find another outlet for your creative…errrr…talents.

C) Please dear God in Heaven above, if you are asked to stop singing, do NOT break out into a poor version of “Party In The USA.”. That song kinda sucks on its own, and you make it worse.

D) Some songs are much better in the original form. Please do not take it upon yourself to church everything up.

Those are just a few tips from the peanut gallery. Granted, this particular gallery cannot sing at all, however, she has been watching since season one.

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