Ease Up A Bit!


My son is very much in the “terrible twos” stage. Don’t get me wrong- I love him so much, but he really tries my patience- a lot. I really enjoy spending time with him, but he does get a bit mischievous. Allow me to give an example…

Last week, I was pathetically stupid and left my Bible where my son could get to it. Apparently his older sister left a highlighter out as well. You can imagine that this was a lethal combination. I went to study my Bible with my morning coffee, and ‘lo and behold…there on the first five or six pages are dayglo pink scribbles. My first reaction: “You destroyed my pristine Bible! My handbook for living, and my light in the storm! AAAAAAHHHH….” Once I had calmed down and had the hyperventilation safely under control, I realized one very important thing. What is that realization, you ask? It’s this: okay, so he wrote in your Bible. It’s still readable, and for as long as this Bible is in use, you have a convenient reminder of how much you love your son. So, in the end, I realized that I don’t need to be as uptight, and after counseling both myself and my daughter in the dangers of leaving things like a highlighter and a Bible in range of fat, busy little hands, all was right in the world. Now, when I open that Bible, I smile, because I see that my son wrote me a little love note.


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  1. I too have love notes in my bible…lol….they are yellow and all over…I loved the way you saw the precious value out of this…”Love note from your son”….When he gets older you can show him his signature…lol….

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