Don’t Let The Past Eat You Alive


Recently, a good friend of mine started experiencing some family issues.  I did the best that I could to be there for her, but her problems brought back all the fear, anger and pain that I felt during a similar time in my life.  I remember wondering,  “Will I ever feel secure again?  When will this end?”   It was a rough time in my life, but I finally figured out how to get through it and better myself in the process…GIVE EVERYTHING TO GOD.  You see, the best possible thing that you can do to get past the rough spots in life is to give it all to Him.  Treat Him like a parent who will always be there, be completely honest with Him, tell Him everything, and tell Him what you would like to see happen with that situation.  But remember…God’s plans aren’t always the same as our plans.  I often have to remind myself of that.  What I think should happen is, more often than not, not what actually happens.  As Christians, we often struggle with that realization.

Being grounded in faith, and our status as “saved” does not mean that our lives are without complications and troubles.  While it was easier for me to get through those times by handing everything over to my Heavenly Father, it did not erase the feelings of doubt, and the self-hatred that seemed to wash over me.  I felt that I was less than a person, and that I was “ugly.”  I realized, after a time, that was NOT the case.  That I am not ugly, and I do have worth on this planet.  I just needed to get past all the negative, ugly, hurtful feelings to discover my true self.  Trust me, that path of discovery is not even close to being complete.  I can say with certainty that I will be meandering on this path for the rest of my life.  Have a blessed day!


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  1. Many times we think we have overcome our past hurts and walk in the freedom of forgiveness until we are faced with a situation that brings all the memories and the pain attached to it to resurface again. We gave it to God so how is it possible that we experience all these emotions when faced with it. God knows our hearts and He knows when we truly have given all areas of our heart to Him for healing. Many times we hold on to things unknowingly or do not allow full access to God in that area of hurt. The enemy will deceive us to think that we are okay until something triggers our past. God allows this so that we can realize that we are still attached to the pain. We, ourselves are surprised with our reactions. This is good because God desire for us to come to the revelation of things so that we may acknowledge them and completely surrender it all to Him for healing and deliverance. AND truly experience and walk in the Freedom of Christ and eat of its fruit which are love, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, patience, goodness, faithfulness and self-control (Gal. 6).

    Next time when confronted with something that will bring us back to memory lane….the memory is there minus the pain (emotions)!!!! Believe me I have journeyed this path for quite some time but one thing I know for sure, we serve a Mighty God that despite what we feel or go through, He is there to help us and lead us on the path to purpose….

  2. Maggie, that is a very good point. Maybe that is why all of that came rushing back to me. I did notice that this time it wasn’t with the pain and anguish that accompanied it before…that it was more like a feeling of remembrance. Thanks for pointing that out! I have a feeling that I need to revisit this issue and have another talk with God about the whole thing.

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