Just Your Everyday Update, Folks.


It has been quite a while since I have posted an entry.  My apologies…much has been happening in the family.  My husband had foot reconstruction surgery for the second time, on another foot.  This puts him out of commission for quite a while, and with a lot of mercy from God, it doesn’t seem to be as painful as the first surgery of this kind on him.  My daughter started her final year of elementary school, and my two year old is still…well…acting like a two year old.  I am embroiled in an Algebra class that has humbled me greatly.  I have managed to pull down an A average in every class so far but this one, and it’s killing me, but I guess I needed the slice of “humble pie” that I have been handed.  God has a way of doing that- reminding you that you aren’t in charge all the time, and that He is most definitely the one holding the outcome of just about everything.  All you can do in life is to strive to be a good Christian, and strive to do the right thing.  It doesn’t always turn out that way, because after all, we are human, and we do make mistakes.  There has only been one perfect person on this planet, and it most definitely isn’t me.

I have been completely captivated by “One Night With The King.”  It’s a novel by Tommy Tenney.  It’s about Queen Esther, and her story.  It was an amazing book, and I read it all in two days.  It was an awesome story, and Mr. Tenney captured it perfectly.  It was easy to see that he had put in quite a bit of research.  I still want to see the movie, despite the fact that it hasn’t gotten great reviews.  It has some high profile actors in it such as Peter O’Toole, and Omar Sharif.   I absolutely love a good love story, along with just a great plot in general.  It is most definitely worth the money if you want to head out (or online) to buy it.  I was very impressed.  I love that feeling that you get when you close a book for the last time, sighing in satisfaction at reading a great story.

Anyway, things are not too bad around here.  I am learning slowly but surely that everything will indeed be okay as long as I relax, trust the people close to me, and do my best to be the best person that I can possibly be.  So….there you have it.  I will post a little more regularly now that I have finally replaced the older laptop that I had.  I needed a new one for school, and the desktop was taking over ten minutes to load my textbooks for college.  I do not have enough time to sit and wait for that long for a textbook to load.  Hopefully now my dose of impatience can take a break.  It’s been working overtime on this one.  God bless, everyone.  🙂


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