Two Roads Diverged In A Wood…


I found it ironic that this week in class, we covered my all time favorite poem.  It’s by Robert Frost, and it’s called “The Road Not Taken,”  written in 1920.  In the poem, Mr. Frost is traveling in the woods and comes across two roads.  One is well traveled, and looks safe.  The other is overgrown, and looks like not many people have walked that way.  In the end, Mr. Frost takes the “road less traveled.”   The symbolism in this poem is pretty plain to me- it’s about not always taking that well traveled road in life.  Sometimes you have to take the harder road, the road that actually looks a little less than satisfactory, to get where you want to go in life.  That being said, this is my last night here in North Carolina.  The home that I have taken care of for the last nine years of my life will be literally in the rear view mirror this evening, and I will be visiting “back home” for a bit.  My husband and my daughter will be here, taking care of the final touches before we all embark on a new life adventure…one away from the Army.  

I have gone through the gambit of emotions the last couple of days, and I am finally at the acceptance portion.  I know that this needs to be done, and the old adage certainly applies here…”when one door closes, another door opens.”  All I can do is hit the reset button, and enjoy my time at home.  Thanks for the memories, North Carolina.  Not all have been wonderful, but I can safely say that I learned many good lessons while living here.  You helped me grow up, and that’s something you can’t put a price tag on.


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