Are You A “Linus” Like Me?


I recently made the jump from a Windows-based system to a Mac.  I have to say, I love my Mac.  Throughout the years, I have remained loyal to my Windows system, telling people that it was so much better than a Mac…but now I must eat my words.  My old system would take roughly 5 minutes to boot up (cold).  My Mac takes less than a minute.  

There is much to be said about this whole eating crow thing that I am experiencing, and it tends to spill over to other areas, as well.  I find that in my life, I will take a position, and stand by that position, no matter what proof might come to light to show me otherwise.  I feel loyal to that old stance, refusing to give it up.  It reminds me of a child with a security blanket.  That child will hold on to that tattered old thing, no matter what.  As the years tick by and the parent becomes frustrated, suddenly the child is ready to give up the security blanket, because the child realizes that there is life beyond it.  Much the same thing occurs with positions/stances that I take on various situations and subjects.  In recent years, I have discovered that my stances have moved a bit, and I should not hold on to old theories or ideas because they have become comforting for me.  

Sometimes God actually pushes us to explore beyond what we feel is comfortable, and to think things through a little more thoroughly- examine the evidence, if you will.  God has given us this miraculous brain, and He wants us to use it.  So…now that I have accepted this challenge, will you?  Will you throw off those old security blankets, and look at the evidence that He has given you?  Remember, God doesn’t always speak in a yell…sometimes He leans close and whispers softly in our ear.  Heavenly Father, your lessons are amazing, and I need to listen closer to what you are saying.  


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