Portable Faith


Since my last posting, my life has most assuredly changed.  My husband is now out of the military, and is literally months away from starting his Master’s Degree program in Social Work.  My degree work has progressed and changed as well.  I am in my junior year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources.  My children have settled into our new lives, and I can say, moving to this scenic little town on the Ohio River has changed us all, and it’s for the better.  

During this time, I have come to the realization that faith in God is the most portable thing I own.  I have also learned through this incredible change in my life that God is truly someone that I can rely on for everything.  There have been times when I seriously thought that we were down for the count, and yet He comes through, yet again.  He always does, and no matter where I am- whether I am working, or caring for my family, at the doctor…my faith comes with me like a close companion.  I find myself praying throughout the day- whether it be for my husband and the changes in his life, my teenage daughter, my son (who has Autism Spectrum Disorder) or my son who is enduring his second deployment.  Prayer comforts me, and I find myself feeling so relieved after spending time in prayer.  I have finally learned to leave all troubles at His feet, and allow Him to lead me down the path that He wants me to take.  

In the last year, my husband was home with our children while I worked.  I went through three different jobs, and at times I would leave work, literally in tears.  I discovered that no matter how I sliced it, I still care about people, and I am hurt when people are cruel. I know that this is something that I cannot change, and that cruel people have been around as long as…well, people.  Let’s face it, from the first story involving people, cruelty has been around.  But with my portable faith, even in those situations, I was able to take a moment and pray.  The first job that I took when we moved was with a telemarketing firm.  I encountered a lot of mean people in that job, but occasionally I would take incoming calls for religious products.  I had one woman who asked me to pray with her, as she had some family issues.  In that moment, sitting there, saying a prayer with a woman on the phone who was crying, I knew that I had been placed in that job for a reason.  She told me that I had touched her heart.  I knew that God wanted me to help this woman, and become stronger as a person in being in that job.  I learned that even though there are mean people that we encounter on a daily basis, it’s that “portable faith” that will allow us to get through just about any trial that life can throw our way.  I learn a lot from myself in dealing with these people.  I learned that you can’t take a “mean person” at face value.  Often times, there is something behind that meanness…something that makes them that way.  It takes a special talent to look behind the snarky comments, and realize that you can make a difference in someone’s life, just by not trading one nasty comment for another.  The Bible teaches us to “turn the other cheek.”  It’s not easy, but there is indeed a reward in it.  I’m far from perfect- I still catch myself being mean in return from time to time, but it’s most certainly a lot less these days.  In the end, I still have my “portable faith,” that that’s not going anywhere.  My love for my savior grows each and every day.


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