Comfort and Fellowship In The Strangest Of Places


The Bible is full of different themes.  If you are in the mood to study them, you can always follow the concordance, and let it lead you through the entire Bible, learning about a particular subject.  Today, I was struck by two things; the first being the idea that I was in the mood to make some comfort food, and the second that in the Bible, there are a lot of stories about people eating together.  If you think about it, some of the most important things in the Bible happened with food as a backdrop. Although the result changed things for humankind forever, one of the first stories in the Bible is of Adam and Eve, eating together.  In Exodus, God provides manna for the Israelites to eat.  All throughout His life, Jesus broke bread with people.  He would use the time to fellowship with people from all walks of life- tax collectors, prostitutes, the poor, destitute people that He ministered to along the way…the list is endless.  If you think about Christianity, our own stories are similar.  Church dinners, breakfasts- people have been getting together over food for centuries, and I don’t think it will stop.

The strange thing that strikes me today is the fact that even though I am facing such a crossroads in my life, I am still eager to cook for my husband and my children.  I like the idea of feeding them, and of all of us together as a family for perhaps one of the last times. Today, on the menu is comfort food.  I’ll be making home made fried chicken, home made baked macaroni and cheese, green beans, and a nice loaf of home made bread to bring it all together. I know that this isn’t a food blog.  However, I can’t help but think about how food throughout the ages has bound people together, and started all kinds of discussions along the way.  Just think about it- can you imagine breaking bread with Jesus Himself, listening to Him preach?  I can’t imagine how wonderful that would be.

Throughout history, food has been at the forefront of a lot of things.  Knights and their massive armies would come back from battle, and be greeted with huge feasts.  People pass away, and the first reaction for most people is to bring the grieving family food. Someone gets married, and there is a feast.  Do you see how we all use food to bind us all together?  Food relaxes us, and opens people up.  Some of the most stimulating conversation that I have ever had has been over a dinner table.  Although there is no death in my family, and this divorce is certainly not something to celebrate, I will still be bringing some good food to the table.  I think I appreciate these last family dinners.  They will carry me through as I learn to be on my own, and recreate my life.   I never thought that I would be starting over at my age, but nonetheless, it’s going to happen.  At this point, I am faced with a couple of different choices.  I can lie on my couch, and continue to feel sorry for myself, or I can get ready to become the best person that I can be.  I can take this type of life circumstance, and own it.  I can get a good job, and make my own way, and rely more on God than I ever have before.  I will always miss these last few memories that I make with my family,  My husband and I will always be connected through our children.  That does bring me some comfort, knowing that I am not completely losing him.  But…we won’t be married anymore.  I cannot call him “mine.”  He will be his own person, as will I.  Rest assured, I will not drown my sorrows in my food, but I will help my family to create these last few crumbs of togetherness.  Like the memories of Christmas through the years, or other special times, I will remember this meal, and what it meant to me.  As I eat my “feast,” I will be thanking God for this crossroads.  During this time, He has taught me that I can indeed depend on Him, and that He will provide for me.  I am finally learning to shut my face and listen to Him.  I am finally praying continuously throughout my day. What’s the best part of this tragedy?  I have learned to love God even more.  As always, before I eat, I will thank Him for every single thing that has happened in my life- even this divorce.  I am learning that there is always something good to be found in every situation, even this one.


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  1. Nourishment is a universal need; that’s why it’s such a comfort to all of us. Providing others with the simple gift of food is something that we can all do, and it is always appreciated. I’m so sorry for this time in your life, but I am encouraged by your faith in the face of it. You’ve taken something negative and turned it in to an inspiration for those who read your story. Thank you!

    • Above everything else I have learned in life, I am most grateful for the ability to pick out something to be grateful for in every single situation. This current circumstance is heartbreaking, but I am still grateful that God has taught me that I MUST depend on HIM in EVERY situation. Thanks for your kind words!

    • Thank you for your encouragement. Writing has been a form of therapy for me over the years, and this time is no different. Plus, if I can help someone else through something similar, then I’m even happier. Thank you for the blessings.

  2. There is a reason we gather around the table. Think about it. Even in Bible study or Sunday school, where do most groups gather? Around a table.

    There are great moments created when we sit where we can see into each other’s eyes, share a meal, and share life. Praying for you in this season of change.

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